Reverend Noel N. Chin


Lenten Season

Pastor’s Message

February 15, 2018

Dear Members and Friends:

                 Greetings to you during this Lenten Season, the holiest season of the Christian year.  This season of forty days, not counting Sundays, began on sh Wednesday (February 14, 2018) and ends on Holy Saturday (March 31, 2018).  This year we continue a tradition started in the early Christian Church, twenty centuries ago, of engaging in a time of spiritual preparation before the annual Easter celebration. 

                  Last fall we celebrated one hundred sixty-five years of Christian ministry in this community and beyond with the theme "Rejoicing in Hope".  As we observe Lent we would like to be guided by this theme.  We are a people of hope because we firmly believe that God loved us so much that God sent Jesus Christ to walk on this earth among humans and ultimately to die and take our place on the cross.  Christ's resurrection from the dead on the first Easter is a reminder to us of the power of a God who cares about our everyday lives.  During this Lenten season I encourage you to take the time to engage in fasting, prayer, regular bible reading, regular worship attendance, sharing your Christian story with others, giving generously to God' work and to others, and serving in your church and community.

                 I hope you will take advantage of the opportunities available at church to strengthen you on your spiritual journey:

  • Our weekly 11:00 a.m. Sunday service will offer you the opportunity to worship with others and to hear a message that will strengthen you.
  • The ecumenical mid-week Lenten Bible Study on the theme "Walking Steadfastly with Christ in Uncertain Times" with some of our neighboring sister churches, will provide an opportunity for study, reflection and fellowship.  This year the participating churches will be First Presbyterian Church, Community Church of the Circle, Friendship Freewill Baptist Church, Church of the Ascension and Church of St. John, Paul and Clement, and Community Church of the Pelhams.
  • The Holy Week activities, beginning with the  Passion/Palm Sunday Service on March 215th, will be occasions for us to celebrate various aspects of our rich Christian Heritage.
  • On Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, we will remind ourselves of Jesus' triumphant resurrection on the First Easter.

Please check our calendar for the times for these special events.

I pray that during this season, you will continue to experience great spiritual growth.


Sincerely because of Christ,

Noel N. Chin

Rev. Noel N. Chin

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