Shared Space Partners

  • Christ International Center (C.I.C.)

  • All Island Association

  • All Island Association Tutoring Program

  • Campion Learning Center

  • Mount Vernon Jr. Knights Basketball Program

  • Mount Vernon Youth Community Outreach Program (Y-COP Program)

  • The Saturday Morning Basketball Group

  • Spirit Dance Center

An important part of our ministry is the sharing of the great space God has blessed us with.  We share our space with other Church groups and with groups that focus on education, youth development and community involvement.


  • Christ International Center - an established evangelical Bilingual Spanish-speaking & English-speaking worshiping community, led by Pastor Benjamin Morales.


  • The All Island Association Tutorial Program operates on Saturday mornings and serves elementary and middle school students. Contact:      

                                  Ms. Rosalyn Witter     

  • Campion Learning Center operates a tutorial program for children and youth. The Contact is:

                                  Mr. Kenneth Davis     

  • Mount Vernon Junior Knights Basketball Program addresses the recreational and developmental needs of elementary and middle school boys in the Mount Vernon Community.  For more information contact:      

                                  Mr. Dwayne Murray   

  • Mount Vernon Neighbors United brings together various neighborhood groups in the Mount Vernon Community to address relevant issues.  For more information contact:

  Sis. Loretta Hottinger  

  • Mount Vernon Youth Community Outreach Program is dedicated to the development of youth through various programs. Since 2012, we have hosted its after-school and annual Summer Camp programs.  For more information contact:                                                 

                                    Mr. Henry Wilson        

  • The Saturday Morning Basketball Group includes youth and adult men from the church and the community who gather on Saturday mornings from fall to spring for recreation.  For more information contact:

    Bro. Ron Mitchell      

  • Spirit Dance Center celebrates its 12th year of professional dance instruction for children and adults. It also hosts an annual summer camp for children.  For more information contact:

   Sis. Jenne Griffith